Oil free screw 5.5KW-250KW (AHW SERIES)

Oil free screw air compressor
Water lubrication oil-free screw air compressor (AHW series)

Why need water lubrication oil-free screw air compressor?

  • Large displacement
  • High efficiency
  • Low temperature compression (Similar Ambient temperature)
  • Low noise
  • Oil-free stainless steel rotor
  • Self lubricating bearing
  • Oil-free ISO8573 class 0 air quality standard
  • No pollution to the environment,purer compressed air
  • Continuously stable running

Detail Introduction:

Water Lubrication Oil-free Screw Air Compressor

1: Excellent performance, Top configuration

1)Intelligent energy saving control system

2)Denmark Danfoss solenoid valve

3)Top Siemens/Schneider control components

4)High efficiency and high performance motor

5)Germany Schaeffler bearing/Swedish SKF bearing

2: Technical advantage

1)With the fifth generation technology of oil-free screw air end, the air end is stainless steel alloy, thus the technological transcendence from the copper air end to the stainless air end.

2)Integrated design, no complex pipe and electric line. Fewer failure, more stable.  

3)Less maintenance consumables (Air filter, water filter), Easy maintenance, less maintenance costs. 

4)Absolutely oil free, No risk of oil pollution, Is the guarantee of oilless compressed air. 

5)Ambient temperature compression, Higher efficiency, the average energy saving is more than 15% compared with two stage dry oil-free screw machine, 25% saving compared to single stage dry oil-free. The Operation temperature less than 50℃, No risk to burned. 

6)CNC intelligent precision machining technology and High balance of air ends operation, Guarantee lower noise, smaller vibration, Longer life.

7)Pressure including: 2bar-40bar

8)10% air flow higher than dry oil free screw air compressor in same power. 

9)Easy operation,PLC controlled,Automatic fault detection,Fault warning,Maintenance reminder,Automatic protection,24 hours unattended,Remote control achieved.

10)Compressed air is cleaned by lubricating water,more clean,can be used directly for breathing,the dew point lower.The water content of compressed air is 25% lower than dry screw air compressors. 

11)Air end optimization design,big rotor,low RPM (3000r/min),no gear,direct driven.The RPM is lower,and life is longer than dry oilless screw air compressor.

12)Regular automatic water change and automatic system cleaning,the compressor is cleaner and hygienic.


3: Rigorous manufacturing process 

1)Every component is strictly tested,strictly controlled on every procedure from raw material to assemble.Ensure each components is superior quality to ensure durability.

2)The machine is ultra-quiet design,low speed and large volume cooling systme,large scale cooler to reduce air convection friction to make excellent cooling effect.

3)The humanized structure design simplified the installation,easy maintenance,low maintenance cost.User can do maintenance by themselves.

4)The machine is made of stainless steel alloy material to ensure durability and non-corrosion.Its extremely long service life,guarantees no pollution of compressed air,and is more energy-saving,stable and environment friendly.

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